Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread

by Xiaofangcao is not tossing (from Sina Weibo.)

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The pumpkins nowadays are really delicious.
Although I like the steamed pumpkin that Laogan makes pie very much,
But if you can't finish it, it will go bad soon.
it is good! heart! pain!
So make the pumpkin puree into bread,
Keep it for a few more days,
There is nothing witty!
(There should be applause here!)

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread

1. All ingredients except butter and water are mixed,
Yeast, salt, sugar, remember to put them in 3 corners,
Otherwise, the yeast can't blame me for hanging itself on the south branch.
Slowly add water to the proper dough state.
If you have never made bread before, don’t make this recipe.
Because I can't tell what is the right state hahaha.
You will know when you get there.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

2. After being adjusted into a flocculent shape, pour it onto a silicone mat and knead it,
Knead to the expansion stage.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

3. Add butter and continue to knead,
Knead to the complete stage.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

4. Ferment in a warm place.
The weather is a bit cold now,
Room temperature is not working anymore.
Just cover it with plastic wrap and put it directly in the oven,
Put another bowl of hot water in the oven.
No need to open the oven! ! !
Be careful with hot water and don’t spill water on the grill tube.
Will be abolished.
Ferment to 1.5-2 times the size, about 1 hour.
When it’s okay, Mu Meng will check the status.
Don't overferment.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

5. Poke your finger in it and it will ferment without collapsing or retracting.
When the fermentation is complete, take it out to exhaust, and then knead again.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

6. I divided out 200g dough,
Roll out and spread the sesame sauce,
This color looks scary like an asphalt road!
Then roll it up and put it in a small toast box.
Put it back in the oven filled with hot water for second fermentation.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

7. The remaining dough was divided into 5 pieces to make round buns,
I wrapped matcha custard and red bean paste,
Then wrap it up.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

8. It's like this after the package.
Then place them in larger intervals,
Because they will still be fat!

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

9. This is how the small toast is fermented twice in about 40 minutes.
Cute little mountain bag!

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

10. After the second fermentation,
Sift the flour and use a sharp blade to make the shape of the leaf,
Of course, Mumene can draw other shapes, too.
Anyway, my handicapped can only paint this.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

11. Preheat the oven in advance.
Show it to Mumeng after baking, as a reference.
The small toast is 170 degrees for 15 minutes, and it feels like it can be extended for a while.
The bun at 170 degrees and 14 minutes is the golden color on the right,
And it will shrink a little over time.
180 degrees for 15 minutes is a slightly darker yellow on the left,
It feels like this is in place and won't shrink.
But after all, you have to adjust it according to your oven’s temperament.
Don't be lazy to steal this.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

12. The toast cut is like this,
Sesame and pumpkin match perfectly!
Does the texture look like the hearthstone symbol hahahaha.

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe

13. The round bread is cut like this,
You can taste 3 flavors in one bite!

Fluffy Variety De Pumpkin Bread recipe


*Because pumpkin puree has a lot of moisture, it will be better if it is cooked in a microwave oven. Steamed will definitely have a lot of moisture. So don't add all the water in the raw material to the dough at once. Knead a few times and feel the state of the dough gradually increases, not necessarily all .
*50g of egg liquid is almost an egg, you can break it into it to check the quantity. If it exceeds 50, the milk will be less, and if it is less than 50, the milk will be more. Just adjust the total amount of liquid.
*The amount of sugar can be increased or decreased. After all, everyone’s pumpkin may not be like my pumpkin, especially! do not! sweet!
*The stuffing is so cute that you can put whatever you like~
*The final product of this portion is 1 small toast and 5 round breads.


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