Force Cheese Fondue

Force Cheese Fondue

by Mingyue Dance Tsing Yi

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I didn't have any impression of the army pot at first, I just remember that there is always such a hot pot of ramen in Korean dramas.
Army hot pot can also be said to be a Korean soup hot pot with a mixture of Korean and Western styles. Its history can be traced back to the Korean War, when the people of South Korea were extremely scarce of daily necessities, and even ate leaves to satisfy their hunger. However, the supplies of the US military in South Korea are very abundant. Some American soldiers throw away the ham and sausages that have not been eaten.
But these foods are precious to the scarce Koreans. Residents near the Uijeongjang U.S. military base used leftover sausages and ham with spicy bitter pepper sauce (a kind of spicy soup) as a base to relieve the bitterness of meatlessness, plus homemade kimchi, tofu, bean sprouts, etc. The stew can be eaten by the whole family. Later, it slowly spread throughout South Korea, and the name was gradually localized and became a military hot pot. Modern army pots often add instant noodles.
Although the method of army hot pot seems simple, the taste is unexpectedly delicious. The Korean army hot pot developed to the present, after decades of precipitation, the taste and workmanship are also incomparable to the army hot pot that was cooked indiscriminately in the past.
Now it will add meat slices such as luncheon meat and beef slices, as well as vegetables such as onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc., and put them in the pot along with rice cakes, kimchi, and instant noodles, pour some stock and stew, and wait for the soup to boil. , Will add cheese slices, seaweed slices and eat together. You can also eat rice with rice.
The soup is very refreshing with the aroma of meat and the sourness of kimchi. Vegetables are diverse, rich in content, and rich in taste. Especially in winter, scooping a spoonful of the thick soup is very sour and refreshing.


Force Cheese Fondue

1. Prepare materials. Cut tofu, wash and tear off oyster mushrooms, slice shiitake mushrooms, slice zucchini, soak kelp shreds, and slice ham

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

2. Add water and shredded kelp to the pot and cook for 10 minutes

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

3. Add oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes until the mushrooms become soft

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

4. Add tofu, bean sprouts, and kimchi and cook for 10 minutes to taste

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

5. Put in ham, fish cake, sweet or not spicy, crab sticks and boil

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

6. Add the chili sauce and cook for 10 to 15 minutes

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

7. Put in the zucchini one by one

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

8. Add instant noodles and cheese rice cake and cook for 3 minutes

Force Cheese Fondue recipe

9. Add the beef rolls and cook until the meat rolls are cooked. (Cheese rice cakes cannot be cooked for too long). Season with salt, sesame oil, chicken powder, and pepper, then turn off the heat

Force Cheese Fondue recipe


1. You can add meat and vegetables as you like;
2. Cook the kelp first, the soup will be very fresh;
3. Put in dishes that are not easy to taste one by one, and finally put in easy-to-cook ingredients such as ramen and beef rolls.


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