Red Bean Pumpkin Sweet Soup

Red Bean Pumpkin Sweet Soup

by Food Love Letter

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The pumpkin used in this sweet soup has a good effect on reducing edema. Brown sugar is also very good for girls. Try this sweet soup.


Red Bean Pumpkin Sweet Soup

1. Prepare red beans, barley, brown sugar, the ratio of red beans to barley is 1:1

Red Bean Pumpkin Sweet Soup recipe

2. Prepare the pumpkin, peel, slice, steam or cook the pumpkin, then make a pumpkin puree (for garnishing the sweet soup at the end)

3. Pour water into the pot, add the red beans and coix seed, cook until the red beans are soft, then add brown sugar to dissolve, and then it can be served. Finally, add some pumpkin puree on each bowl of red bean soup.

Red Bean Pumpkin Sweet Soup recipe
Red Bean Pumpkin Sweet Soup recipe


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