French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

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Onion soup is a French home-cooked dish, and it can also be said to be a classic in the French traditional diet. The difference from some familiar soups is that they don’t need a lot of cream for seasoning. It can be as fragrant and delicious when cooked in clear soup, especially the cheese-covered baguette is soaked in the juice of onion soup, after baking Soft and tender, especially delicious.


French Onion Soup

1. To prepare the ingredients, cut the onion into thin strips, mince garlic, and cut thick slices of French loaf

2. Put butter in the pan, heat it over medium-low heat to melt, add shredded onion and stir fry

French Onion Soup recipe

3. After the onion is fragrant, turn the heat down, and continue to fry for about 10 minutes. Fry the onion until brown, add minced garlic and fry until fragrant

French Onion Soup recipe

4. Add brandy, pour in chicken broth, add bay leaves

French Onion Soup recipe

5. After the high heat is boiled, add salt and pepper to taste, and cook for another 10 minutes on low heat. Pour the cooked soup into a baking bowl

French Onion Soup recipe

6. Put a slice of baguette, put the cheese slice on the slice of bread, put it in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake for about 20 minutes

French Onion Soup recipe
French Onion Soup recipe
French Onion Soup recipe
French Onion Soup recipe


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