French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

by Xiaojun_Joanne

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Onion soup is a well-known soup dish in France, and it can be found on the menu of almost any restaurant. Dumas even recorded the method of onion soup in his "Gourmet Dictionary". The origin of onion soup is uncertain, and it is generally believed that it originated in Lyon or Paris. The specific method is also quite controversial: such as the onion should be shredded or pureed; when should the bread slices be put in the soup; whether white wine, sherry or Madeira should be added.


French Onion Soup

1. Wash, peel and slice onions.

French Onion Soup recipe

2. Melt butter in the pan, add onion and stir fry for one minute.

French Onion Soup recipe

3. Pour the broth, add the spice bag, add salt to taste, and cook on low heat for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

French Onion Soup recipe

4. Turn the oven to "BBQ" or heat up at 200°C. During this process, the French loaf slices can be roasted until golden and crispy.

French Onion Soup recipe

5. Divide the onion soup into one-person heat-resistant bowls (4 bowls in total), put 2 slices of French baguette in each bowl, and sprinkle with grated Gruyere cheese.

French Onion Soup recipe

6. Put the heat-resistant bowl in the oven and bake until the cheese melts and turns brownish yellow. Take it out and eat it while it is hot.

French Onion Soup recipe


1. The process of frying onions is very important. Frying until transparent and watery, or thoroughly frying until browned, will affect the flavor of the finished product. I have tried another method of adding white wine before, which is to stir-fry the onions until they are browned. The finished product looks a bit unsightly, but the flavor will be more intense.
2. The broth is the direct source of the umami taste of onion soup, which can be seasoned according to your own situation. Since we use boxed chicken soup, it has been seasoned, because salt should be added carefully.
3. The French baguette filled with the soup is soft and fragrant, and when paired with the baked cheese, it has a meaty taste and is fragrant and attractive. But in the process of eating, the baked cheese will stick to the spoon, which is also a major feature of onion soup.


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