Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs

by sourcehe

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Many people eat boiled eggs because they are nutritious, fast, and affordable. But it feels tasteless. Many children, including adults, don't like to eat. The aristocratic way to eat boiled eggs, everyone loves to eat them, boiled eggs with fresh basil flavor.
The nutrition of eggs does not require me to introduce more. But ripeness and nutrition must be introduced. In fact, eating raw eggs has bacteria. (I really don't dare to eat it). Practical research shows that the nutritional value of eggs is best when they are just cooked, and the eggs that are boiled are also de-nutritive. The boiled egg is usually 5-6 minutes, then simmer for 3 minutes.
I think the hard-boiled eggs are tasteless. The fresh basil salad dressing mixed with hard-boiled eggs not only retains the nutrition of the eggs, but also makes them more delicious. You Yixian's fresh fragrant basil salad dressing uses sweet basil, which has a unique taste and is rich in ascorbic acid and calcium. This is an oil-free salad juice, zero fat, low calorie and low calorie


Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs

1. Prepare ingredients: native eggs, okra, fragrant basil salad dressing, chives, etc.;

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs recipe

2. Wash the soil eggs, cook in a pot under cold water, simmer for 6 minutes on medium heat, turn off the heat and simmer for 3 minutes; PS: It takes about 4 minutes to boil in water.

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs recipe

3. Take out the eggs and rinse them with cold water;

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs recipe

4. Wash the okra, bring it to a boil, put it in a pot, blanch it, remove it;

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs recipe

5. Shell the eggs, cut into pieces, cut the okra into sections, and chop the chives;

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs recipe

6. Put the chopped eggs, okra, and chives on the plate, add the fragrant basil-flavored sauce and mix well.

Fresh Basil Flavored Eggs recipe


1. Pot under cold water when cooking eggs;
2. Don't boil the egg, it won't taste good;
3. Basil-flavored salad sauce, fragrant, ready to mix.


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