Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup

Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup

by Lan Xiner (From WeChat.)

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My husband and I both like to drink ginseng soup. We usually buy dried American ginseng for soup. This time a friend recommended me fresh ginseng. I always wanted to buy fresh ginseng. I didn’t hesitate to start with a catty and made this jujube fresh ginseng chicken soup.


Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup

1. One local chicken, clean and chop into pieces, being careful not to chop too small.

Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup recipe

2. Prepare the ingredients, 5-8 jujubes, one fresh ginseng (use a toothbrush to clean the soil on the fresh ginseng), and a small handful of wolfberry.

Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup recipe

3. Put all the ingredients in the stewing pot.

Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup recipe

4. Add water to the stew cup, and the position of the water should not exceed four-fifths of the stew cup.

Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup recipe

5. Stew in water for 2-3 hours, add salt and eat.

Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup recipe


1. This soup does not need to add cooking wine and ginger slices
2. Chinese wolfberry can also be put a few minutes before it is out of the pot.


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