Fried Banana

Fried Banana

by Sweet talk

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The fried bananas are crispy on the outside and sweet and delicious on the inside. After heating the bananas, the flavor of the bananas is even more intense and delicious.


Fried Banana

1. Peel the banana and cut into small sections, beat the eggs and remove the bread crumbs for later use

Fried Banana recipe

2. Coat the banana segments with egg liquid

Fried Banana recipe

3. Put it in the bread crumbs and roll a circle, evenly dip the bread crumbs

Fried Banana recipe

4. Heat oil in the pot to 70% hot, add bananas and fry until golden in color

Fried Banana recipe

5. The fried banana stands upright, and the excess oil will flow into the bottom of the bowl, which can control the oil.

Fried Banana recipe


The oil temperature is high and the frying time is short, so that it will have a crispy taste.


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