Fried Dumplings

Fried Dumplings

by elmonte

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Children like fried dumplings, which are more fragrant, especially the ice blossoms at the bottom, which are crispy and crispy. "


Fried Dumplings

1. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan for a while and put the dumplings in it. (The homemade dumplings do not need to be defrosted, just put them in the pot directly.)

Fried Dumplings recipe

2. Add 6g flour and 6g starch in 120g water and mix until there are no particles. (Corn starch, potato flour, sweet potato flour, tapioca flour are all available.)

Fried Dumplings recipe

3. Pour into the pot, cover with a lid and heat on medium-low heat until the water is dry.

Fried Dumplings recipe

4. After the water dries, open the lid and fry on low heat until the ice blossoms at the bottom turn golden and crisp.

Fried Dumplings recipe

5. Turn off the heat and cover with a flat-bottomed dish.

Fried Dumplings recipe

6. Turn it over and the dumplings fell on the plate.

Fried Dumplings recipe

7. The bottom is crispy.

Fried Dumplings recipe

8. My daughter likes the thin and crisp ice flower most.

Fried Dumplings recipe


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