Sour Soup Dumplings

Sour Soup Dumplings

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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A few days ago, I made oily spicy soup, and today I can’t wait to cook dumplings in sour soup. Don't say it, it's delicious, that sour and sour, that sour and hot, if it weren't for rational control of myself, I would like to cook another bowl to eat...


Sour Soup Dumplings

1. Water began to boil in the pot. At the same time, start to prepare the soup base. Take a large bowl and scoop 2 tablespoons of spicy oil. If you don’t make spicy oil, you can use Laoganma instead.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

2. Peel the garlic and mince, wash the chives, dry, and mince.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

3. The water boiled and started to cook dumplings. Take another large bowl and fill it with half a bowl of tap water. Take out the frozen dumplings from the refrigerator without defrosting them. Pass them directly in the bowl, add the water and remove them, and then put them in the pot. Dumplings after cold water are not easy to stick in the pot.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

4. When the water is boiled, pour a little oil, put the dumplings over the tap water in the pot, gently push down with a spatula to prevent sinking to the bottom, then cover the pot and boil until the water boils, add a bowl of cold water, and continue to cover and cook . Add cold water 2 times in total.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

5. Cut the sour radish into strips and add it. Add salt, light soy sauce, and vinegar according to your own taste. If you don’t have sour radish, add more vinegar.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

6. Cut seaweed into strips and put it in. Nothing is fine. Some people put seaweed and dried small shrimps. It doesn't matter if you don't let them go.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

7. After adding cold water twice, the dumplings are boiled again, and the lid is opened and boiled for 2 minutes. When you see that the skin is translucent, it is almost done.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

8. First scoop a large spoonful of water to cook the dumplings into a bowl, rinse the soup base, stir evenly, and stimulate the seasoning first. You can also try a dumpling that is cooked or not cooked. Be sure to boil the water.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

9. Finally, scoop the dumplings into a bowl, stir a few times, and start eating.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe


1. Since it is dumplings in sour soup, the amount of vinegar must be large, otherwise it is not sour. Sour radish and seaweed are not necessary side dishes, and they can be left alone.
2. Put the frozen dumplings in cold water before putting them in the pot, they will not stick after boiling. You can also add some oil and salt to the water.
3. Wash the soup base with boiling water for boiling dumplings to stimulate the vinegar taste and mix thoroughly.


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