Fried Eel with Onion

Fried Eel with Onion

by nicole≧∇≦

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Stir-fried eel with onion...especially delicious.


Fried Eel with Onion

1. Dried eel is harder, so it is better to soak in advance and cut, and cut into small pieces is easier to cook

Fried Eel with Onion recipe

2. Stir-fry the dried eel, add ginger slices to remove fishy, add wine, light soy sauce, and vinegar

Fried Eel with Onion recipe

3. Add onions, soy sauce and stir-fry evenly...fry until the onions are fragrant

Fried Eel with Onion recipe

4. Add in hot water, let it sit on high heat for 5 minutes... It's super fragrant...

Fried Eel with Onion recipe

5. It's done, it's delicious, for those who love eel...really awesome...

Fried Eel with Onion recipe


Soak the dried eel in advance...
Put a little vinegar to soften the fish bones and make the fish more tender


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