Fried Flower Beetle

Fried Flower Beetle

by hlybb

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The sixties are sweet and can be used in many ways. Stir-fry is one of them. It is delicious and very delicious.


Fried Flower Beetle

1. The sixties are bought and kept in the water for 2 hours. They must be cleaned in the middle. Change the water several times until the water is clear and there is no sediment.

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

2. Garlic cut rice

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

3. Heat oil in the pan

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

4. Add garlic and stir fry on medium-low heat until it is slightly golden

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

5. Pour in the sixties and stir fry evenly

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

6. Add the soy sauce and the chicken essence, and quickly continue to stir-fry for a while

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

7. Put the sixtieth piece on the bottom of the pot as much as possible, no need to add water, the sixtieth piece will get water

Fried Flower Beetle recipe

8. The sixties are slowly opening up. It is best to use chopsticks to pick up the opened ones first, so as not to separate some of the overcooked fleshy shells, and they can be out of the pot when they are all opened.

Fried Flower Beetle recipe


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