Fried goose eggs

Fried goose eggs

My mother-in-law bought some goose eggs, but I didn't know how to eat them. The boiled eggs didn't taste like, so I wanted to try frying them later. Then I checked it on Baidu and found that the nutrition of goose eggs is much more comprehensive than that of eggs. Especially suitable for children and women. The fried goose eggs are really delicious. Both my baby and I love it.







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How to make it (Fried goose eggs)

1. Prepare a goose egg and wash it with clean water.
Fried goose eggs recipe
2. Beat the goose eggs into the bowl. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and thirteen incense. The thirteen incense can also be left on. (According to your own taste.)
Fried goose eggs recipe
3. Pour a little oil in the frying pan
Fried goose eggs recipe
4. After the oil is warm, pour the goose eggs.
Fried goose eggs recipe
5. Wait for the bottom to solidify, then turn it over.
Fried goose eggs recipe
6. The goose eggs are almost fried, and then pour in a little bit of flavour. The yolk of the goose egg (the one I use with the plus brand) is relatively large and not easy to be cooked. I will poke a few holes in it with chopsticks, let it flow out, and then fry it. This will be cooked through.
Fried goose eggs recipe
7. Use chopsticks to pierce the holes and turn the noodles several times until they are cooked through.
Fried goose eggs recipe

The egg whites of goose eggs are more vigorous and the yolks are softer. Overall it is delicious. It’s satisfying to eat a fried goose egg alone in the morning


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