Fried Lotus Root Balls

Fried Lotus Root Balls

by The kitchen of emblica honey

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Meatballs, the locals call it dumplings. In the local area, every family will have croquettes during the Chinese New Year. I heard that people in Yancheng prefer glutinous rice balls. The balls here often add horseshoe, yam, radish, and lotus root. Generally, very little is added. If lotus root is added, more will be added, which is called lotus root balls.
Ingredients: 800 grams of pork foreleg meat paste, 400 grams of lotus root Ingredients: 2 eggs, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of white onion, 15 grams of light soy sauce, 5 grams of salt, 25 grams of starch, 200 grams of water, and a little bit of thirteen spices.


Fried Lotus Root Balls

1. Prepare ingredients. Stir the meat into a paste.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

2. Slice the lotus root and chop it into puree with the back of a knife.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

3. Chop the ginger and white onion.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

4. Prepare the seasoning.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

5. Add the egg seasoning. Add water afterwards.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

6. Stir regularly, and add a little water each time. Whipping is supreme.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

7. Pinch out the meatballs from the tiger's mouth, and then use your left and right hands to tighten the meatballs tightly, that is, put the meatballs from the left hand to the right hand, and then to the left hand.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

8. Put oil in the pot, heat up, and croquettes.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

9. Fry until slightly yellow and fish out. Let the oil temperature increase again, then return to the pot and fry again.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe

10. Fried meatballs.

Fried Lotus Root Balls recipe


1. When adding water, it must be completely absorbed before adding the next clean water.
2. The fried meatballs can be deep-fried or boiled in soup.
3. The lotus root can also be crushed with a blender. But the chopped ones are more chewy.


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