Fried Shrimps

Fried Shrimps

by Leyla REIRA

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One of the classic representatives of Shandong cuisine.


Fried Shrimps

1. Materials are ready.

Fried Shrimps recipe

2. The prawns are treated cleanly, so that "four to go and one to stay" are used. The "four to go" go to the shrimp gun, sand buns, shrimp feet, and shrimp thread. The "one stay" leaves the part of the shrimp brain. Important, because the aroma of shrimp mainly depends on it;

Fried Shrimps recipe

3. Pour the oil into the pot and heat it up, and when the oil is hot, add the ginger and stir fry;

Fried Shrimps recipe

4. Put the prawns in a hot oil pan and fry them over low heat. Gently tap the shrimp head with a spatula to allow the shrimp brain oil to seep out;

Fried Shrimps recipe

5. Slowly fry for about 3 minutes on low heat. When the shells turn red and crisp, turn over and fry for another 3 minutes. If the shrimp is fresh enough, there is no problem, if the shrimp is not fresh enough, you can pour a little cooking wine here to get rid of fishy;

Fried Shrimps recipe

6. Add water, here is a pan, add the water to most of the body where the prawns have been soaked, then change the heat to high and cover the pot;

Fried Shrimps recipe

7. After the high heat is boiled, add salt and sugar and stir well. Cover the pot and continue to simmer until the soup is thick. Slowly turn the prawns with a spatula, collect the juice and start the pot.

Fried Shrimps recipe


1. All prawns and white prawns can be used.
2. Because the shrimp should be fried and crispy, it is best to use a non-stick pan; and because it needs to be simmered over a high heat, it is best to cover the non-stick pan.


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