Fried Tortilla

Fried Tortilla

by Yurun Begonia

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For fried tortillas, you can add your favorite vegetables, seafood, etc. In short, everything is up to you! The fried tortillas are golden in color, which is very attractive! Do you like this delicious breakfast cake? If you like it, give it a try.


Fried Tortilla

1. Beat two eggs into a bowl, wash the scallions, the tortillas are cool, it is best to use overnight, so that it will not stick after being fried;

Fried Tortilla recipe

2. Cut the tortilla into small cubes, about 2 cm square, not too big or too small;

Fried Tortilla recipe

3. Chop the shallots;

Fried Tortilla recipe

4. Put the diced corn tortillas and shallots in a small pot;

Fried Tortilla recipe

5. Break up the eggs, then pour the egg liquid into a small basin;

Fried Tortilla recipe

6. Mix the egg liquid and diced corn tortillas evenly;

Fried Tortilla recipe

7. Put an appropriate amount of blended oil in the wok;

Fried Tortilla recipe

8. After the oil is hot, put the diced corn tortillas in a pan and fry;

Fried Tortilla recipe

9. Stir-fry the ingredients, let the corn tortillas heat evenly, and fry until the surface becomes dry;

Fried Tortilla recipe

10. Put a small spoonful of sugar into the pot;

Fried Tortilla recipe

11. Put in a small amount of salt;

Fried Tortilla recipe

12. Put in an appropriate amount of light soy sauce;

Fried Tortilla recipe

13. Stir the condiments and ingredients well;

Fried Tortilla recipe


1. The tortillas must be cooled thoroughly, preferably overnight, so that the fried tortillas will not be sticky and taste good;

2. The dosage of various condiments should be adjusted according to your own taste.


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