Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version)

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version)

by Breakfast for Mother Sapling

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Frog the Frog, a set of books that are not only addictive to children, but simple and heart-warming stories in the book can always touch the softest part of people’s hearts. Saplings like to listen to me and I will read to her over and over .
Saplings currently like "Frog Digging for Treasure", "Frog Traveling", "Frog in Winter", "Special Days"
Let's take a look at the making process of this spinach version of Frog~


Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version)

1. Ingredients: 1 hand spinach, 400g flour, 4g yeast powder, 4g sugar, 2g cocoa powder

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

2. Blanch the spinach in water, remove it from the cold water, put a small amount of water in a cooking cup and mash it for later use

TIPS: When blanching the water, put some salt in the pot. The cold water will make the green vegetables more green. The spinach does not need to be boiled for too long to become soft.

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

3. Add white sugar and yeast powder to the flour and mix well, take out 60g and 10g,
Pour the remaining 330g into the pureed spinach. Use chopsticks to stir into cotton wool, knead smoothly, cover the lid and wait for the fermentation to double its size.

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

4. Take out 60g flour and white dough
Add 10g of cocoa powder and make the cocoa dough, cover with plastic wrap and wait for fermentation

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

5. Fermented dough

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

6. Vent the fermented dough and knead it evenly

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

7. Divide the spinach dough into 14 small portions and knead it into a pointed oval for the frog’s face.
Divide the white dough into small portions and make rounds, press a small amount of cocoa dough to make the eyes,
Take a small bit of cocoa dough and knead it into a thin strip to make a frog's mouth

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

8. Press the eyes and mouth on the frog, and Frog will do it~
Put it in the steamer and wait for the second fermentation to become larger and lighter. The second fermentation is just fine. Turn on the fire and wait for 12-15 minutes after the pot is turned on. Simmer for a minute or two before taking out the pot.

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe

9. It’s out of the pot, not as green as expected, but the fluffy feel is not bad

Frog Frog Mantou (spinach Version) recipe


The small strips made of cocoa dough can make frogs with various expressions.
If you want to save trouble, you can use matcha and green juice instead of spinach.

PS, Frog's growth story is worth recommending. I believe you will fall in love with this green frog in striped swimming trunks after reading its story.

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