Sweet Tortillas

Sweet Tortillas

by Hanhan~

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If you want to have a simple breakfast and change the taste for your baby and family, sweet corn tortillas are also a good choice.


Sweet Tortillas

1. Prepare materials and containers. Corn flour, flour, milk, condensed milk, icing sugar, large bowl, chopsticks, spoon

Sweet Tortillas recipe

2. Mix the ingredients and start stirring

Sweet Tortillas recipe

3. Stir in one direction, add milk while stirring

Sweet Tortillas recipe

4. Until it becomes a paste, the consistency of the thick yogurt we drink is almost the same

Sweet Tortillas recipe

5. Preheat the non-stick pan with oil, or use an electric baking pan

Sweet Tortillas recipe

6. Use a spoon to scoop out half a spoon and pour it into the pot, forming naturally. The fire is small, I use 700w

Sweet Tortillas recipe

7. Pan-fried yellow on both sides is ready.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

8. It tastes better when eaten hot

Sweet Tortillas recipe


Children prefer to eat. You can also use molds to make cute cartoon shapes


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