Fruit Salad Tower

Fruit Salad Tower

by Piaoer 78

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The taste of this fruit salad tart is sweet and sour, which is my favorite taste. The tart is the highlight, and it tastes very loose and crisp.


Fruit Salad Tower

1. Pour egg yolk, water and salt into the container and mix well to form egg liquid for later use

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

2. Take a clean container and sift into low-gluten flour

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

3. Add the butter softened by room oil and grab it with your hands until the powder disappears

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

4. Add the egg mixture and mix well to form a dough

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

5. Put it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for one night

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

6. Take out the refrigerated dough from the refrigerator and roll it out in the middle of the plastic wrap

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

7. Make the tapio into the mold and put it in the mold

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

8. Make a small hole in the middle with a fork

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

9. Join the pebbles

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

10. Put it in the middle layer of the oven preheated at 180 degrees for 10 minutes in advance, and bake for 25 minutes

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

11. Ready fruit

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

12. Pitaya and kiwi fruit are peeled and diced. Mango and Sydney are peeled, cored and diced into the container (you can reserve some for decoration)

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

13. Add salad dressing and mix well

Fruit Salad Tower recipe

14. Fill each tapi with an appropriate amount of fruit salad

Fruit Salad Tower recipe


1. Here is exactly the amount of 12 tapi
2. Try to refrigerate the dough for 5 hours or more, it will be looser and crispy
3. In the baking process, if the color of the taper is serious, add tin foil
4. The temperature of each oven is different, please control the time according to the actual temperature of your own oven
5. Fruits can be changed or increased according to personal preference

This recipe uses a Midea smart electric oven, model T7-L384D, with a capacity of 38L and a power of 1800W. Please adjust the heating time appropriately according to the power and temperature difference of your own oven.


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