Fruity Barbecued Pork

Fruity Barbecued Pork

by Shangshizhiwen

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Before New Year’s Eve this year, I made some char siu pork. First, I would like to thank my friends who helped me recently. Second, I was too lazy to cook during the Spring Festival holiday. It's very convenient.

This time, the method of adding fruit to beef is used for reference, and fruit is also added when marinating the barbecued pork. Besides the sweetness and fruity flavor of the roasted barbecued pork, it does not feel greasy to eat.

Maybe, people who can't eat spicy food like sweetness, right?

The five flavors of life are mixed. If there are too many bitter flavors, eat something sweet.

Note: The amount of meat in the recipe is relatively large. I used a Pacui PE5359WT oven, 35L, which can bake about three ovens. You can reduce it according to your needs.


Fruity Barbecued Pork

1. Wash the meat, dry the water, and cut into several large pieces. Then first take a piece and cut it off at one end without cutting it off.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

2. Cut it again, cut it off, and spread it out into a butterfly shape.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

3. Cut all the meat, put it in a basin, pour the char siu sauce and white wine, stir evenly.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

4. Add red yeast rice powder, honey, and mix well.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

5. Cut the ginger into slices.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

6. Cut the apple into pieces and remove the seeds.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

7. Cut the pear into pieces and remove the seeds.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

8. Put the ginger, apple, and pear on the meat, mix well, and marinate for about 20 hours.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

9. Place the marinated meat on the grilling net.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

10. Put it in the middle layer of the oven that has been preheated to 200 degrees, and put a baking tray lined with tin foil on the lower layer, and set it for 45 minutes.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

11. Take it out halfway and brush over the honey.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe

12. Brush the honey again 5 minutes before taking it out, and finally take out the slices.

Fruity Barbecued Pork recipe


1. There is a lot of meat in the recipe, so you can reduce it according to your needs.
2. Barbecued pork has the best taste just after roasting. After cooling, the fat is condensed and a bit greasy. It can be heated in a steamer for a few minutes before eating.


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