Argentine Skewers

Argentine Skewers

by Beans

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The delicious skewers of the barbecue restaurant are always tempting, haha.
It's actually very easy to make it at home, especially if there are ready-made barbecue marinades, you can also try different flavors.
I usually use pork plum meat for roasting, which is fat and thin, and very tender, which is perfect.

Argentine Skewers

1. Simple material

Argentine Skewers recipe

2. Remove the fatter plum meat and cut into small pieces

Argentine Skewers recipe

3. Add a little salt to the meat, pour the barbecue ingredients, if it feels too dry, you can add a little water

Argentine Skewers recipe

4. Grab well, cover with plastic wrap and marinate for a few hours or overnight, the longer the time, the more delicious

Argentine Skewers recipe

5. Soak the bamboo skewers in water before using it to prevent it from sticking off when baking.

Argentine Skewers recipe

6. The marinated pork is evenly skewered into skewers and placed on the oiled grill

Argentine Skewers recipe

7. In the middle of the oven, at 200℃, bake for about 20 minutes

Argentine Skewers recipe

8. Brush the remaining marinade in the middle, then put it back and bake it.

Argentine Skewers recipe


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