Garlic Crayfish

Garlic Crayfish

by Eyebrow

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It's the crayfish season again. This year's crayfish is very cheap, so you can feast on it​.
I made crayfish pizza last time because my daughter disliked my fried lobsters.​ So this time, I plan to use commercially available crayfish seasoning to make it, and bought the garlic-flavored Haidilao crayfish seasoning​. It has 2 material bags, one is garlic bag and the other is seasoning bag. There are also steps on the back of the package, which is very considerate.​ Of course, there must be a lot of additives in the commercially available seasoning packs, but the taste is really good​.
Cleaning the crayfish is a bit tiring and there is a danger of injury. I was clamped three times by its big tongs this time. But think about it, if you want to eat it, why don't you want it to resist?​


Garlic Crayfish

1. The crayfish are washed with light salt water (except for the salt formula). I used 4 chopsticks to stir the lobster for fear of being pinched​. This action needs to be repeated many times until the water in the basin is clear​.

Garlic Crayfish recipe

2. Use a toothbrush to scrub the crayfish. The back, abdomen, and under the head should be brushed. When brushing, first pinch the two large tongs, so that it will not be able to squeeze you​. After scrubbing, run it again with clean water and remove the drain​.

Garlic Crayfish recipe

3. Prepare other ingredients when the crayfish is drained​.

Garlic Crayfish recipe

4. Heat up the wok and add oil. Heat the oil and stir-fry the garlic until fragrant. Fry until the minced garlic is slightly yellow.​

Garlic Crayfish recipe

5. Pour in the crayfish and fry for about 3 minutes​.​

Garlic Crayfish recipe

6. Add the seasonings in the seasoning bag and stir well​.

Garlic Crayfish recipe

7. Pour a bottle of beer​.​

Garlic Crayfish recipe

8. Add clear water to the crayfish, you can add more of this water, it will take a long time to boil later​.​

Garlic Crayfish recipe

9. Cook for another 20-30 minutes after the fire is boiled.

Garlic Crayfish recipe

10. Serve on the table.

Garlic Crayfish recipe


1 I did not give the crayfish head cramps​. Crayfish with cramps (paste intestines) boiled and the meat was not firm​, and the yellow prawns flowed into the soup after the head was removed. As for the dirty stuff inside, whoever eats it naturally removes it. It makes no sense to let me work alone, right?​
2 It is best to add enough water at once when adding water.


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