Glass Biscuits

Glass Biscuits

by Sister Guoming

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The sour tricolor is a fond memory of childhood after 70.80. That kind of sugar was basically sold in "cooperatives" in the past. It has a strong fruit fragrance and is wrapped in transparent glass sugar paper. There are three colors of red, green and color. . The sour tricolor was a rare delicacy in the hearts of children. These years, everything has to be packaged, and it changes immediately after it is packaged. The sour tricolor, which was originally sweet and sour, full of nostalgic feeling, has been "packaged" into sweet and crisp biscuits, and there is a new way of nostalgia.


Glass Biscuits

1. After the butter is softened at room temperature, add powdered sugar and beat loosely; mix the egg whites and lemon juice, beat them, and add them to the butter three times. Stir thoroughly each time; sift the low-gluten flour and add it to the butter, simple Mix the synthetic dough, wrap it in plastic wrap, and leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes; sprinkle flour on the console, then roll the dough into a sheet of 0.5 cm thick, cover it with plastic wrap, and freeze it in the freezer compartment for 20 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, the baking pan mat is non-stick cloth or non-stick paper

Glass Biscuits recipe

2. Then take out the frozen noodles and press the shape with a press mold. In the middle, use the decorating nozzle to press out the small circle center. Use the blade to move the pressed shape to the baking tray; chop the fruit candies and place them in the hollow of each biscuit. Put a little part of it; put the baking tray in the upper middle of the oven, heat up and down, bake for about 15 minutes until the surface is golden, then turn off the heat. Wait for the baking tray to cool before removing the biscuits

Glass Biscuits recipe


1. Fruit candies will melt after high temperature, and appropriate candies should be placed in each hollow part, too much will overflow, too little will form broken "glass";
2. The biscuits must be cooled before they can be taken out, otherwise the glass will "broken".


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