Golden Garlic Ribs

Golden Garlic Ribs

by An Xiaochu 520

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Speaking of crispy and delicious, An An must recommend this golden garlic pork ribs. As long as this dish is on the table, you can smell the ecstatic taste of garlic and meat from a distance. An'an always can't do it by herself in the face of such delicacies. It is simple and easy to cook. Whether it is used for afternoon snacks or hard dishes for dinner, it is one of the best~~


Golden Garlic Ribs

1. Cut the chives into sections, and shred the ginger. Wash the ribs and let them dry.

Golden Garlic Ribs recipe

2. Add light soy sauce, cooking wine, white sugar, white pepper, green onion, and ginger, mix well, and marinate for 30 minutes.

Golden Garlic Ribs recipe

3. Peel the garlic and cut it into coarse pieces.

Golden Garlic Ribs recipe

4. Pour oil into the wok, add the chopped garlic when it is heated to 40% heat on medium heat, adjust to low heat and fry until the chopped garlic is golden brown, remove and control dry.

Golden Garlic Ribs recipe

5. When the garlic oil in the wok is heated on a medium heat for 40%, dip the marinated ribs in a layer of dry starch, and fry them in the oil until golden and dry.

Golden Garlic Ribs recipe

6. Leave a little oil in the wok, put the minced golden garlic and spare ribs back into the wok, heat it over medium heat, stir and fry evenly before serving.

Golden Garlic Ribs recipe


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