Taro Ball Yuanxiao

Taro Ball Yuanxiao

by Yurun Begonia

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Yesterday, when I was packing up the refrigerator, I found a few Yuanxiao and the sweet potato taro balls made last time. I immediately had an idea in my mind. Why not cook these two ingredients together! When I thought of this, I acted immediately. When the cooked taro balls and Lantern Festival were served on the table, my husband and children said it was a beautiful delicacy! I also think the color combination looks good! The taste of taro balls is smooth, sweet and delicious. As a delicacy that has become popular in recent years, I have naturally cooked it many times! My family also likes taro balls, and my children always let me make them for her! The yellow, purple, and white ones are all good-looking, and the preparation of taro balls is extremely simple. The two ingredients are easy to handle.


Taro Ball Yuanxiao

1. Take out the homemade sweet potato taro balls and Yuanxiao frozen in the refrigerator

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

2. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and turn on the fire source

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

3. The fire brought the water to a boil

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

4. Then put the Lantern Festival into the boiling water

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

5. Put the sweet potato and taro balls in the pot

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

6. Use a spoon to gently push the Yuanxiao along the edge of the pot to avoid sticking to the pot

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

7. Add a small bowl of water when it is boiling

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

8. Bring the water to boiling again and repeat the above procedure twice

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

9. Continue to cook for a while, wait until the Yuanxiao and sweet potato taro balls have all risen.

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe

10. Put the cooked yuanxiao and taro balls into a bowl, and serve when they are slightly cooler

Taro Ball Yuanxiao recipe


1. When cooking the Lantern Festival, add water two to three times in the middle, and cook until the Lantern Festival has no hard core;

2. The Lantern Festival should be consumed in moderation, after all, sticky food is not easy to digest;

3. After cooking, eat it when it is cooler. When eating Yuanxiao, be careful to bite it gently to avoid burning your mouth.


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