Japanese Seasonal Vegetables

Japanese Seasonal Vegetables

by Yunyun Kitchen

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The sky in Shanghai is finally clearing up, and Ying Jing makes a beautiful and healthy Japanese seasonal vegetable for his girlfriend who comes to play at home.
I like cooking because I am fascinated by the vitality I feel when I communicate with the ingredients. I imagine how they grow from small shoots to the present; I like to convey my heart to the people who taste it through the food; I like it more. Those who watched the tasting were more happy and satisfied because of the deliciousness of the dish in front of them.


Japanese Seasonal Vegetables

1. Peel the vegetables and cut into pieces.

Japanese Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. The small red tomatoes are cooked and the skin is removed. The purple taro is steamed for 10 minutes, and other vegetables are fried in the pan.
Heat up all the spices together. Then soak the vegetables together in the juice for 2 hours.

Japanese Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Set the plate and pour the juice.

Japanese Seasonal Vegetables recipe


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