Griddle Cauliflower

Griddle Cauliflower

by Gourmet Princess Hideri

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Griddle cauliflower is a classic of Hunan cuisine. It is characterized by its spicy flavor and delicious meal. Every time you cook this dish at home, you have to steam more rice. The taste is amazing.


Griddle Cauliflower

1. Add water to the basin, pour 1 tablespoon of salt and stir well, soak the cauliflower in the water for 20 minutes

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

2. Break into Xiaoduo and spare

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

3. Scallion, Chaotian pepper, Hang pepper sliced into sections, garlic sliced, pork sliced and set aside

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

4. Boil the cauliflower in a pot under water for 1 minute, remove and drain

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

5. Heat oil in another pot, add pork and stir-fry until it changes color, add green onion, garlic, chilli and pepper and stir fry to create a fragrance

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

6. Add an appropriate amount of very fresh soy sauce and stir fry evenly

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

7. Add Laoganma hot sauce and stir fry evenly

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

8. Pour in cauliflower and stir fry until broken

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

9. Add in some salt and stir well

Griddle Cauliflower recipe


Laoganma hot sauce has a salty taste, add salt as appropriate


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