Griddle Cauliflower

Griddle Cauliflower

by Xiaochun's Kitchen

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Actually I don’t like cauliflower very much, but after seeing this dish, I feel that this dish is absolutely suitable for my taste. I have always wanted to make it, but I can’t buy organic cauliflower. That's not the case. I went to the food market a few days ago and suddenly saw something for sale. I immediately bought it and went home to start it. As expected, I made a large plate and swept it all out.


Griddle Cauliflower

1. Wash the cauliflower and soak it in light salt water for 10 minutes to force out the small bugs and dirt in the cauliflower

2. Boil water in the pot and put a little salt

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

3. Boil the cauliflower for one minute after the water has boiled

4. Sliced meat, I didn’t buy pork belly, it’s best to use pork belly

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

5. Put the oil in the pan, heat the oil and add the meat slices and stir fry. The meat slices are forced out of the fat. After the golden brown, set it all over again

6. Add ginger slices and star anise, stir fry

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

7. Add a spoonful of light soy sauce and stir-fry the meat slices evenly

8. Add the blanched cauliflower and quickly stir-fry

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

9. Put in the old godmother

10. Put in salt

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

11. Put in half a spoon of sugar

12. Finally, add a small spoonful of chicken essence for seasoning, and quickly stir and fry evenly out of the pan.

Griddle Cauliflower recipe


1. Organic cauliflower is the best for cauliflower. It is easy to taste. I have always liked this dish, but I didn't buy cauliflower, so when I saw the cauliflower sold in the market, I decided to buy it and make it immediately;
2. I used the cauliflower blanching time for about 1 minute. It doesn't taste so soft. If you like soft, you can blanch it for a longer time;
3. This dish uses pork belly, but I didn't buy it;
4. After blanching the cauliflower, you must try to control the moisture as much as possible. The final water of this dish is not delicious;
5. The seasoning I use is based on my own taste, and the saltiness is in my own hands.


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