Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Fish is one of the most eaten dishes in my family. Fish is rich in protein and is more nutritious than other meat dishes.

When we usually eat fish, we usually choose steamed or braised. In addition to steaming, other cooking methods require a process of frying fish. When it comes to the process of frying fish, are many people hesitating? Especially for many novice cooks, it is really a arduous task. When Meimei just started cooking, every time she made fish, she was completely unrecognizable. A good fish just turned into a pot of puree. For a long time, my family’s fish was only steamed.

Fortunately, once I ate in a restaurant, a chef helped me solve this historical problem in a word. If you want to fry the fish in a complete non-stick pan, it is actually very simple. Just pay attention to these two points, and the beautiful fish will be done immediately! Everyone must try this method, you can learn it at a glance, and you can make sure you can make a beautiful fish like a restaurant.


Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper

1. This trick is really easy and anyone can learn it. We need to treat the fish. After the fish is killed by the store, go home and wash it. Put a knife on the fish, and then use kitchen paper to remove the moisture on the surface. Soak it all dry, this first step must not be saved. Keep the surface dry, which is a necessary condition for frying the fish without breaking the skin.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe

2. If you don't have kitchen paper, you can use ordinary napkins. As long as it can absorb the moisture.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe

3. In the second step, after the pot is cleaned, it is heated on the fire to let the water evaporate. Take two slightly thicker slices of ginger and apply a few evenly on the bottom of the pot so that the surface of the pot is covered with ginger juice. After this step, put the fish in for frying, it won't stick to the pan at all, it's simple and convenient, you must try it. It is also inseparable when making fish. After processing, the ginger slices can be used again, and there is no waste at all.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe

4. The prepared pot is ready for use. Heat the pot and pour as much oil into the pot as usual for cooking. After the oil is heated, pour it out, then pour in cold oil, and gently put the fish in. This is the key to frying fish without breaking the skin. This method is called hot pan with cold oil, and the fried fish will never break.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe

5. Fry on low heat until one side is golden, turn it over and fry both sides.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe

6. After both sides are fried, pour water that is half of the fish body in the pot, sprinkle ginger slices, chop peppers on the fish, cover the lid, and simmer the fish until it is cooked. When will it be cooked? Said, the soup is slightly dried, and a little bit of soup is left at the bottom. If you have no experience, then use chopsticks to check it, and there is no bloodshot eyes.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe

7. Sprinkle with chopped green onion, and the fragrant fish can be out of the pot. It's very simple, try it. This coup is really convenient and quick to make fish. Novice fish can easily get started, it will never break, if it breaks, you come to me.

Grilled Fish with Chopped Pepper recipe


Chopped peppers are saltier, so put less salt.


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