Ham and Egg Hand Cake

Ham and Egg Hand Cake

by Liu Dahua 266

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Hand cakes have always been a popular street snack among office workers and students. In fact, make one by yourself, which is both hygienic and convenient, and serves as a breakfast all day long.


Ham and Egg Hand Cake

1. The hand cake does not need to be thawed and no oil is added. It is directly placed in a pan and baked on medium heat.

Ham and Egg Hand Cake recipe

2. When the side is almost cooked, turn it over, and add some oil to the side and beat in the eggs.

Ham and Egg Hand Cake recipe

3. Turn it over again, the eggs will be turned over and cooked after they are set, and the ham can also be heated in the pan.

Ham and Egg Hand Cake recipe

4. When the pancakes and eggs are cooked, turn off the heat and put on the sweet noodle sauce and ketchup.

Ham and Egg Hand Cake recipe

5. Add lettuce omelette and ham in turn.

Ham and Egg Hand Cake recipe

6. Roll it up.

Ham and Egg Hand Cake recipe


1. The cake crust can be made of flying cake crust, of course it is better to make it yourself.
2. The filling in the sauce can be adjusted according to your own preferences.


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