Ham and Vegetable Soup

Ham and Vegetable Soup

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Xuanwei ham, one of the famous Han nationality specialties in Yunnan Province, is named after being produced in Xuanwei.
Its main characteristics are: its shape is like a pipa, with only big bones and small bones, thin skin and moderate fat and thin flesh;
Cut the section, the aroma is rich, the color is bright, the lean meat is bright red or rose, the fat is milky white, the bones are slightly pink, and the blood is still moisturizing.
Its quality is good enough to represent Yunnan ham, so it is often called "Yun Tie".

I bought a sliced ham earlier, but I forgot to eat it all the time.
Put it out in a conspicuous place, you can only remember it every time you see it,
This season, the market is not full of all kinds of fresh vegetables, just mix and match, it is a delicious meal.

Ham and Vegetable Soup,
Fatty and thin salty ham, mushrooms and asparagus and other fresh vegetables are paired together to make a soup.
Simple to make, fresh and salty, rich in nutrition!


Ham and Vegetable Soup

1. Ham

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

2. Ham removed and sliced

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

3. Wash the mushrooms and slice them

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

4. Asparagus cut into sections

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

5. Carrot slices

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

6. Add a little oil to the pot and stir-fry the ham until the fat part becomes transparent

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of water or stock, put the mushrooms and carrot slices in the pot, bring to a boil on high heat, simmer on low heat for 10 minutes

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe

8. Cook until the carrots are cooked and soft, add asparagus, add salt, season with MSG, and cook for a while.

Ham and Vegetable Soup recipe


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