Ham Steamed Sea Bass

Ham Steamed Sea Bass

by Golden ham gourmet kitchen

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Fish and Jinhua ham are destined to stay together for three lives and three generations. Who makes them so worthy? The fish is fresh but has a fishy smell, and Jinhua ham not only adds freshness and fragrance, but also removes the fishy smell. The "green plum and bamboo horse" among the ingredients is not an exaggeration~~
There will also be "Yan Control" in the food session, and this ham steamed sea bass is not only delicious, but also very beautiful~


Ham Steamed Sea Bass

1. Wash the perch and cut it from the spine to the abdomen, leaving about 1 cm in the abdomen and do not cut it off.

Ham Steamed Sea Bass recipe

2. Prepare ingredients

Ham Steamed Sea Bass recipe

3. Sliced ham, sliced ginger

Ham Steamed Sea Bass recipe

4. Put the processed sea bass on a plate, sprinkle some rice wine and ginger slices, and marinate for 10 minutes

Ham Steamed Sea Bass recipe

5. Place the sea bass in a flower shape, put the sliced ham into the gaps, put it in a pot and steam for 12 minutes, then sprinkle with chopped green onion.

Ham Steamed Sea Bass recipe


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