Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup

Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup

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The nutritional value of chicken soup is very high. Many families use chicken soup as a good nourishing product. Chicken soup can fully hydrate the body and eliminate toxins. Chicken soup can also alleviate various symptoms of a cold. Drinking chicken soup often can enhance your immunity. Chicken soup is warm in nature and tonic, especially suitable for people with internal cold, weakness and the elderly.


Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup

1. Cut the chicken into pieces and wash, boil water in the pot, add the chicken pieces, boil the bleeding water and remove it, rinse it in clean water, and control the moisture.

Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup recipe

2. Put the chicken nuggets in the wok and fry for a while, fry the moisture, fry out the oil, cut the ingredients and set aside

Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup recipe

3. Pour the chicken nuggets into a casserole, add water, add green onion, ginger, aniseed, ham and red wine, first turn to a high heat and turn to a low heat to boil slowly

Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup recipe

4. Wash the yam, peel and cut into small sections, add the yam after the chicken is cooked for 7 minutes, and continue to cook until the chicken is soft and rotten.

Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup recipe
Red Wine Yam Chicken Soup recipe


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