Ham Tofu Soup

Ham Tofu Soup

by Shui Qingqing

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Ham tofu soup is light and delicious. In order to consume high-quality plant protein, soy products are the best choice. The way tofu is ever-changing and there are many flavors. Homemade tofu, a very common side dish. Tofu dishes with different tastes and flavors can be prepared according to the tastes and preferences of the family.


Ham Tofu Soup

1. Prepare ham and tofu

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

2. Slice and chop some chives

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

3. Put the hot oil in the hot pot into the tofu cubes

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

4. Fry for a while, add some salt to taste

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

5. Add the ham and stir well

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

6. Bring some clean water to a boil,

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

7. Cook for a minute

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

8. Sprinkle with chives and seasoning, bring to a boil

Ham Tofu Soup recipe

9. Serve on the table

Ham Tofu Soup recipe


Use broth to make it fresher.


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