Hand-made Soba Noodles

Hand-made Soba Noodles

by Hyeko loves baking

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Buckwheat has the functions of disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood fat and blood sugar, and is easy to digest.
But it does not have much gluten and is suitable for processing and eating with white noodles.


Hand-made Soba Noodles

1. 200g buckwheat flour, 300g white flour, add an egg, 5g salt, 200g water

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

2. Knead the smooth dough with a chef's machine or hands

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

3. Wake up for 30 minutes, flour the chopping board, and smooth the dough

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

4. Roll into thin slices

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

5. Sprinkle flour on both sides, fold the dough back and forth

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

6. Cut into thick noodles

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

7. Shake off

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe

8. Boil the noodles and cook them.

Hand-made Soba Noodles recipe


1. Add salt to the dough, it will feel chewy when you wake up and knead.
2. The noodles should not be too thin, and the noodles should not be too thin, which is easy to break.


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