Head Bean Soup

Head Bean Soup

by gary

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Fish head tofu soup is a nutritious and delicious homemade soup, and its preparation is simple. When fish is used to make soup, it needs to be fried first, then poured into boiling water and simmered, so that the soup will be milky white and the soup will have a strong flavor. The milky white of the soup is the result of a thorough mixing of oil and water. Eating fish and tofu together is very conducive to nutrient absorption, and the soup made is delicious, fragrant and not greasy. The fried fish heads are added with water to make a white soup and soft tofu. The taste is particularly delicious.


Head Bean Soup

1. Prepare the required materials

Head Bean Soup recipe

2. Wash the fish head and cut it in half

Head Bean Soup recipe

3. Put the oil in the pot to heat up, put the fish head in the pot and fry

Head Bean Soup recipe

4. Fry in the pan with the ginger slices until both sides are slightly yellow

Head Bean Soup recipe

5. Add enough water to the pot to boil, then put the fried fish head into the pot

Head Bean Soup recipe

6. Cover the pot and cook for about 15 minutes

Head Bean Soup recipe

7. Cut the soft tofu into small pieces

Head Bean Soup recipe

8. Wash coriander and shallots and cut into sections

Head Bean Soup recipe

9. The soup is boiled for 15 minutes and then add tofu and boil for another 5 minutes

Head Bean Soup recipe

10. Then add coriander and shallots

Head Bean Soup recipe

11. Finally, add some salt and sesame oil to taste

Head Bean Soup recipe


1. The fish head must be fried before using it in the soup, so that the soup will be in vain;
2. Don't make the tofu too early, because it will cook the tofu too early;
3. Add enough water at one time, adding water in the middle will dilute the concentration of the fish soup.


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