Chicken Tofu Soup

Chicken Tofu Soup

by Mom Nini

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I like to eat the brine tofu from my hometown, especially the tofu that is still steaming just out of the pot. Usually a piece is broken and placed in the mouth, it is hot, sweet, and with a hint of bitterness. Tofu is boiled in chicken broth, and vegetables are added. You can eat two dishes with one dish. It can be used as a dish or as a soup. The honeycomb of tofu is full of chicken juice, which is tender and does not require too much seasoning. It is original.


Chicken Tofu Soup

1. Cut north tofu into 2-3cm square pieces for later use

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

2. Wash the carrots and cut diagonally into sections

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

3. Cut it into like eye pieces

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

4. Wash the soaked fungus and tear it into large flowers, and tear the cabbage leaves into large pieces for later use.

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

5. Add an appropriate amount of chicken broth to a small pot and bring to a boil. Pour the tofu to a boil over medium and low heat. Add white pepper and a small amount of salt.

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

6. Cook until cellulite appears inside the tofu, add scallion oil

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

7. Add carrot slices and cook for half a minute

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

8. Add the fungus and boil

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe

9. Finally, add the cabbage leaves and boil on and off the heat, and serve with the soup.

Chicken Tofu Soup recipe


1: Be sure to use northern tofu to have a beautiful honeycomb.
2: Tofu is more flavorful, and the amount of salt is less than usual for soup.
3: If there is no chicken soup, you can use chicken essence or chicken powder to prepare.


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