Healthy Fried Fritters

Healthy Fried Fritters

by ousgoo

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I have made deep-fried dough sticks with natural yeast before, and today I will continue to bring you deep-fried dough sticks made with natural yeast. In fact, the method is similar and the operation is very simple. On weekend mornings, the fragrant deep-fried dough sticks are paired with the fragrant five-grain soy milk made by the soymilk machine. A nutritious and fragrant breakfast is complete. You can try it too!


Healthy Fried Fritters

1. Mix flour, natural yeast, salt and water evenly and knead into a smooth dough, cover it with plastic wrap for 1 fermentation, knead it into the alkaline noodles when it is 1.5 times larger and continue to ferment

2. Take the fermented dough out of the basin and divide it into several portions. I made a few small pancakes and two large pancakes.

3. Place the dough on a greased chopping board and roll it out with a rolling pin. If you like crispy oil cake, you can roll it to 1 mm thick, if you like meaty oil cake, you can roll it to 2 mm. Cut the middle of the dough with a knife. Two

Healthy Fried Fritters recipe

4. Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pot. I use corn oil. I hope that the relatively light-tasting corn oil will not obscure the alkaline noodle aroma of the oil cake itself.

5. Put the noodles in when the oil temperature is 80% hot, and gently press the surface of the oil cake with chopsticks to heat the oil cake evenly

6. Turn the oil cake over and deep fry until golden on both sides, drain the oil and cool down and eat it

Healthy Fried Fritters recipe
Healthy Fried Fritters recipe
Healthy Fried Fritters recipe


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