Healthy Low-fat Salad

Healthy Low-fat Salad

by jecket888

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Recently, I’m trying to reduce my body fat. I often eat this mixed salad at home~ it’s delicious and doesn’t have a lot of calories~

Healthy Low-fat Salad

1. Wash all the dishes mentioned above and cut them into shapes you like.

Healthy Low-fat Salad recipe

2. The ratio of olive oil and vinegar must be right, 3:1. The picture is a juice with only olive oil and vinegar. Put some honey according to your own taste. You must put it. The taste is completely different. I personally like yellow mustard sauce. It tastes the same as eating meat. Mix well and set aside.

Healthy Low-fat Salad recipe

3. As mentioned earlier, the mustard sauce I used is very delicious~

Healthy Low-fat Salad recipe

4. Stir in the previously prepared sauce and you can eat it

Healthy Low-fat Salad recipe


This low-fat salad tastes very good~ If you just want to eat a salad, put some quinoa, some muscle or shrimp, eggs, etc., even if the nutrition is complete~ It is very suitable for fitness friends~


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