Heart-to-heart Toast

Heart-to-heart Toast

by Maggie

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Every morning, when you open your eyes, you can see your beloved one by your side. This is what I think is the luckiest and happiest thing.

Gratitude and cherish are what I can and should do. I don’t have to use my best to love, but to make a long and lasting effort to make it last.

Make three meals a day plainly, take care of TA’s stomach. A slice of bread in the morning, no matter how bad the weather is, the mood is a pot of hot soup for a sunny lunch, no matter how light the food is, the taste buds are also a dessert for a moisturizing dinner, even at work No matter how tired you are, your nerves are relaxed.”


Heart-to-heart Toast

1. Except butter, all the main ingredients are put into the bread machine and run the IMIX program for 20 minutes

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

2. Add butter after the program ends, and run another IMIX program for 20 minutes

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

3. After the dough is mixed, run the fermentation program for 60 minutes

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

4. After the fermentation is completed, take out the dough and vent it, put it in the mold, cover with plastic wrap, and send it to the oven to ferment for 30 minutes (high indoor temperature can also be used for room temperature fermentation)

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

5. Remove the back cover

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

6. Put it into the preheated oven, the upper and lower heat is 170°, the middle layer, bake for 35 minutes

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

7. After the toast is sliced, use a small heart-shaped mold to take a heart shape in the middle of the toast slice

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

8. Put an appropriate amount of butter in the pan, add toast slices and fry for about 2 minutes until golden

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

9. After turning it over, put an egg in the center and sprinkle some salt

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe

10. Fry until the eggs are almost cooked and ready to serve

Heart-to-heart Toast recipe


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