Henan Camellia

Henan Camellia

by Wanshanhong

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Camellia oleifera is our Henan specialty snack, which can be seen everywhere in the breakfast market. Although it is already a very local snack, even in Henan, the practice of Camellia oleifera is different in different regions. In addition to the fried oleifera noodles, we also need to sprinkle some fried gluten bubble on top of the oil tea here. The gluten bubble is very crispy, paired with the fragrant oil tea, a delicious breakfast is complete.
The camellia I made by myself, the ingredients are very solid, a lot of broken nuts, it tastes very delicious

Henan Camellia

1. Stir-fried walnuts

2. The sesame is fried, I used black and white sesame

Henan Camellia recipe

3. Peanuts, sesame, walnuts, all fried and let cool

4. Use the ground meat cup of the food processor to beat the peanuts and walnuts into granules, and use the grinding cup to break the sesame seeds. You can also use the meat grinder to beat all the peanuts and walnuts into granules.

Henan Camellia recipe

5. Wrap the flour in a drawer cloth and steam for 25 minutes, then let it cool, roll out and sift it for later use

6. Pour a small amount of olive oil into the pot

Henan Camellia recipe

7. Pour flour into low heat and fry slowly, preferably in a non-stick pan, so that it is not easy to fry

8. Add a small amount of olive oil after the oil is completely absorbed

Henan Camellia recipe

9. Continue to stir-fry until the oil is completely absorbed, add oil about 3-4 times, and fry the flour until oily. The amount of oil can be as long as the flour looks oily

10. After the flour is fried, add all the nuts

Henan Camellia recipe

11. Add salt and five-spice powder, about 10 grams of salt, because you only take 2-3 spoons at a time when you eat, so you must consider the scattered consumption of salt

12. Continue to stir-fry for about 3 minutes, let it cool and receive it in a sealed box

Henan Camellia recipe

13. When eating, take about 3 teaspoons, mix well with about 500 grams of water, and boil on low heat

14. After boiling, it is thick oil tea. You can also use boiling water directly without boiling, but keep stirring after boiling water until it is smooth and has no lumps.

Henan Camellia recipe

15. Put the boiled camellia into a bowl and sprinkle with fried crispy gluten bubble, enjoy it

Henan Camellia recipe


1. The flour is steamed and then fried, which can greatly shorten the frying time, save effort, and can also avoid insufficient frying

2. The fried camellia can be boiled and drunk, or it can be brewed directly with boiling water. Pay attention to two points when brewing directly with boiling water. One is that the water should be hot enough, otherwise it will be easy to leak, and the other is to keep stirring after pouring into the boiling water. , Until all the lumps are mixed well. If you have pimple, it will affect the taste

3. The nuts should not be completely broken, they should be grainy, and they will taste more fragrant. The nut varieties can also be changed according to your preference


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