Five Spice Powder recipes

Roasted Eggplant with Sauce

Eggplant, Seasonal Vegetable Sauce, Garlic

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables

Lotus Root, Carrot, Chili

Ribs Risotto

Ribs, Rice, Carrot

Grilled Fish Skewers with Seasonal Vegetables

Long Li Fish Fillet, Green Pepper, Onion

Seasonal Vegetable Noodles

Flour, Carrot, Chicken Essence

Pimple Soup

Flour, Tomato, Lettuce

Pimple Soup

Flour, Papaya, Lettuce Leaves

Seasonal Vegetable Chicken Skewers

Chicken Breast, Onion, Cauliflower

Ribs Braised Rice

Rice, Ribs, Water

Ribs Braised Rice

Potato, Rice, Shallot

Spicy Roasted Lotus Root Slices

Lotus Root, Onion, Ginger