Homemade Breakfast Pancakes

Homemade Breakfast Pancakes

by Mona is not surnamed Lisa

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If you want to add a few eggs, you can add a few eggs to the pancake fruit, you can spread the pancake with the baby


Homemade Breakfast Pancakes

1. Add water to the flour to make a batter. You can easily mix the batter with a hand-held whisk without any lumps. ~ Lift the whisk, and the batter has the best consistency.

2. Heat the pan, rub a small amount of oil, pour a tablespoon of batter, use pancakes to push round

Homemade Breakfast Pancakes recipe

3. Beat 1-2 eggs, use pancakes to push them apart, be careful not to drop the eggshells on the pancakes

Homemade Breakfast Pancakes recipe

4. Use a spatula to tentatively scoop up the pancake and turn it over

Homemade Breakfast Pancakes recipe

5. Brush the sauce ~ You can brush more sweet noodle sauce, according to personal preference, brush the appropriate amount of sauce tofu and Pixian bean paste

Homemade Breakfast Pancakes recipe

6. Sprinkle some sesame seeds and sprinkle a handful of buns to pretend to be crispy

Homemade Breakfast Pancakes recipe


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