Homemade Corn Pizza

Homemade Corn Pizza

by Feiwu Qingyang (From WeChat.)

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There are two babies in the family who like to eat pizza

Homemade Corn Pizza

1. Put the live noodles into a plate, put it in the oven for proofing

Homemade Corn Pizza recipe

2. After proofing, the oven is preheated (I use a steam-bake oven with shortcut keys for homemade pizza)

Homemade Corn Pizza recipe

3. The oven is preheated and the filling (pizza sauce) is now on the pizza. This is a ready-made sauce bought on Taobao

Homemade Corn Pizza recipe

4. Put corn, onion, carrot

Homemade Corn Pizza recipe

5. Shredded cheese

Homemade Corn Pizza recipe


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