Homemade Garlic Oil

Homemade Garlic Oil

by May Little Chef

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Homemade garlic oil, nutritious and healthy, usually scoop a spoonful of noodles, it can also be used when cooking, it can add some unique flavor to the food~ you can make it if you like garlic~


Homemade Garlic Oil

1. Peel the garlic and chop it into minced garlic. I use a single head of garlic, which is not big but has a strong taste and a good taste.

Homemade Garlic Oil recipe

2. Pour edible oil into the pot and add minced garlic when the oil is 60 to 70% hot.

Homemade Garlic Oil recipe

3. Slowly fry on low heat until the minced garlic starts to be slightly yellow, turn off the heat, and let the remaining temperature of the oil continue to fry until the minced garlic becomes golden and crispy.

Homemade Garlic Oil recipe

4. After cooling, put it into a sterilized airtight container, and take it as you eat. You can mix noodles or stir-fry, don’t have a "garlic flavor"~~

Homemade Garlic Oil recipe


1. This is to deep-fry the minced garlic into sour and crispy. It is best to chop the minced garlic into smaller granules instead of mashing it into minced garlic.
2. Low heat throughout the frying process. Be sure to observe the color of the minced garlic. Don't turn off the heat until the minced garlic turns golden, so that the garlic crisps will easily become bitter. 3. The prepared garlic oil can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated for two or three months, but it is still recommended not to make too much, and then make it after eating.


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