Homemade Haggis Soup

Homemade Haggis Soup

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[Halal] I made it several times, and the taste was average every time. This time I added special ingredients and added lamb soup, the taste became a bit stronger, and not very greasy. It was especially good when it was served with siu mai. "


Homemade Haggis Soup

1. Buy a pound of cooked lamb, wash it with cold water, then blanch it with hot water, be sure to put it in hot water, the pot under cold water will become very hard, blanch it for 5 minutes, then chop the longer ones, and then Boil another pot of water, pour in the lamb and cook, and cook for about 10 minutes.

Homemade Haggis Soup recipe

2. This is mutton soup, not for hot pot. There is a gauze bag in it that is aniseed peppercorns, which is thrown into the pot. There is also a soup bag, which tastes very strong. I will pour it in a spoonful and cook it for another 20 minutes to turn off the heat, because it is cooked lamb. Because of the time, I was fine, so I continued to cook for a while.

Homemade Haggis Soup recipe

3. After turning off the heat, prepare some chopped coriander and put it in a bowl. Remember, you don't need to put salt, oil, and the soup is included.

Homemade Haggis Soup recipe


1. Put hot water in the pot 2. No need to put any materials


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