Homemade Tofu

Homemade Tofu

by Enze mommy

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Homemade Tofu

1. Soak the fungus with water in advance, wash and set aside

Homemade Tofu recipe

2. Carrots, green peppers, and red peppers are sliced separately

Homemade Tofu recipe

3. Cut old tofu into triangular slices about 1cm thick

Homemade Tofu recipe

4. Heat oil in a pan, add tofu slices and fry until golden on both sides and serve.

Homemade Tofu recipe

5. Heat oil in a wok, dig a tablespoon of bean paste and fry until red oil comes out, add sliced ginger and stir fragrant

Homemade Tofu recipe

6. Pour in carrot slices, green chili, red chili and black fungus and stir fry

Homemade Tofu recipe

7. Pour in the fried tofu cubes, add salt, sugar, and add a little water and cook for 1-2 minutes to make the tofu flavorful

Homemade Tofu recipe

8. Finally, the water starch is hooked up, the chicken essence is seasoned, and the sauce can be collected over high heat!

Homemade Tofu recipe


* If you don’t like the smell of tofu, you can cut the tofu and blanch it in boiling water before frying to get rid of the smell of tofu.


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