Vegetable Lump Soup

Vegetable Lump Soup

by Bean mommaomao

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All kinds of fresh vegetables are braised together, and then gnocchi is added, surrounded by the stove, nutritious, delicious and warm


Vegetable Lump Soup

1. Chop the tofu, heat up the pan and cook until golden brown, remove and set aside

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

2. Heat oil in another pot, add carrots, mushrooms, fungus, tomatoes and stir fry evenly

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

3. Add a bowl of broth, add salt, five-spice powder, and stir fry chicken essence evenly.

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

4. Pour in the fried tofu and stir-fry evenly, then add 3 bowls of water and boil until tumbling

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

5. Add water to the flour and stir until there are no particles. It is particularly difficult to stir.

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

6. The vegetable soup is boiled until it is tumbling, and the batter runs along the side of the bowl, stroked it with a non-stick spatula, and poured it into the pot, keeping it on high heat.

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

7. Boil until tumbling, add green vegetables and cook until tumbling

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe

8. Stir well and serve immediately

Vegetable Lump Soup recipe


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