Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee

Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee

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The glutinous rice was planted by my grandparents. They brought it to me during the Chinese New Year. One day I accidentally saw the "sugar porridge". My memory was opened. I remembered the glutinous rice and sugar porridge I ate when I was a child. (Moving to a new house), they will cook and eat. During the Chinese New Year, add "fried dumpling" after the porridge is cooked. It is a soft and flat type of "fried dumpling", and it is cooked with "fans", which is booming. Yi head.

I learned from my mother on the phone and made this porridge by myself for the first time. I couldn't buy the soft fried dumpling from my hometown, so I didn't add it.

Control your eating, after all, there is a lot of sugar~


Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee

1. Ingredients: borneol sugar, glutinous rice.

Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee recipe

2. Simply wash the glutinous rice one or two times without washing too many times and for too long.

Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee recipe

3. Ginger is cleaned and grated.

Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee recipe

4. Put the glutinous rice, ginger shreds, and rock sugar into the inner pot of the electric pressure rice cooker in turn, add water, and the amount of water to the "0.5-0.7" position of the "porridge" scale.

Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee recipe

5. Start the pressure cooker to cook automatically, and wait for it to cool and serve.

Hometown Style Glutinous Rice Congee recipe


1. There are a lot of sugar in porridge in my hometown. I deliberately reduced the amount by almost half. You can add as little as possible. Eat too much sugar as little as possible. Break the small pieces when cooking porridge.

2. Weigh the cup equipped with the electric pressure rice cooker for glutinous rice weighing, about 155 grams, serving for 4 people.

3. There is no grater, you can cut the ginger into thin slices and then shred.

4. The water in the pressure cooker hardly evaporates, and it is not necessary to put too much water, otherwise the automatic porridge cooking time will be automatically extended.

5. If you cook in an ordinary pot, the amount of water should be enough, a little more than ordinary porridge. The glutinous rice will stick to the bottom. Stir from time to time. Bring to a high heat and turn to medium and low heat to cook slowly. After the porridge is cooked, add small pieces of sugar and fry. The pile is also cooked after the porridge is cooked. The fried pile is cooked until you can poke a small hole. If you like the chewy pile, you can not cook it for so long.


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