Honey Banana Egg Waffles

Honey Banana Egg Waffles

by Yuebao Mama

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The benefits of bananas are mostly, but the benefits in baking are often overlooked. Use it to completely or partially replace butter and vegetable oil, the desserts are still delicious, and the calories are much lower. This honey banana omelet is simple in materials and very simple in practice. It is very suitable for gluttonous and fearful MMs. !


Honey Banana Egg Waffles

1. Prepare materials;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

2. Peel the banana, dice it, and put it in a bowl;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

3. Use a spoon to mash the bananas into puree;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

4. Beat in two eggs;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

5. Beat the eggs and mix with the mashed banana;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

6. In a cold pan, use a spoon to pour the egg batter into the frying pan, then turn on the fire, and fry on low heat for 2-3 minutes until large bubbles appear on the surface;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

7. Turn it over and fry for about 30 seconds;

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe

8. Take out, put on a plate, drizzle honey on the banana omelette, ready to eat!

Honey Banana Egg Waffles recipe


1. To make this cake, it is best to use a non-stick pan, which is not easy to paste and is easy to operate!
2. When the batter is put into the pan, the pan must be in a cold state. If the pan is hot, the batter will start to condense when it is put into the pan, making it easy to batter.


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